Terms & Conditions

How the service works.

General:- GISASS - Indian Firts Search Engine operates search services for education with the goal of helping individuals and businesses find suitable education. This means that we offer you as a user the ability to make enquiries and information requests on courses via the Website (referred to below as the "Course"). The Website lists the Courses that the Service can be used for. After users have completed a request via the Website, We, as part of the Service, send your request to the relevant Provider. The site also has a number of features to help you find the right education and similar education-related features.

Information requests and enquiries:- All requests are made through the Website by selecting one or more Courses and enquiring for more information. Once you have completed a request, we will send your request to the education provider and they will contact you with more information. The education provider will save your information to help you in your education selection process. This may include marketing services, direct communications in the form of newsletters and other targeted communications, as well as data collection and analysis.

Content and components of the course:- Through the Website, We will present you with as detailed a description as possible for all courses in order to help You as the Customer obtain information that is as useful as possible. However, We reserve ourselves from this responsibility because, in some cases, there may be missing information or changes in the course. If You have any questions about any of the Courses or if You have further questions, please contact our customer service by e-mail okadmissionindia@gmail.com. For specific questions regarding a Course we refer you to the relevant Provider.

Your responsibilities Accepting the Terms means that you agree to comply with the terms of use of the Service. Once You have completed a request via the Service, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address You provided in the request which contained your contact and customer data together with any other information. You are responsible for ensuring that the information You provide in the request is accurate and up-to-date, and that your information is kept up to date as necessary. Your login information and other customer information should be kept strictly confidential and may not be disseminated. You are responsible for ensuring that your login information is carefully kept and not spread. You as a user are not entitled to use GISASS's trademarks, branding or company name beyond what is required for the use of the Service.

Personal data management and data protection We always process personal data in accordance with applicable legislation. On June 25, 2018, the Personal Data Act, was replaced by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). GDPR was enacted to protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals, especially their right to the protection of their personal data. The law applies to the processing of personal data throughout India and for activities carried out by authorities, companies and individuals. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies throughout the EU and aims to create a uniform and equivalent level of protection of personal data so as not to hinder the free flow of data within India.
At GISASS, your personal information is always protected from unauthorized access. GISASS cares for personal integrity. We always prioritize the protection of all personal information that you entrust to us. Only a limited number of individuals with special privileges have access to the information.
GISASS processes your personal data with the purpose of managing the customer relationship, fulfilling the required obligation to provide information to the legal authorities and for providing information about GISASS's services through marketing. We handle collected personal information primarily with the aim of forwarding it to the organizer of the education and for performing identification, customer analysis, marketing and business development. If personal data is submitted for treatment on behalf of GISASS, it is made in accordance with a special agreement with a confidentiality obligation. By accepting the Terms and Conditions, You agree that personal data collected by EMG may be disclosed to one or more of EMG's affiliates, which in turn may provide you with various types of offers that we consider may be useful to you.
You can of course get details about what information about you GISASS is processing and also request that the data be deleted or changed if it is incorrect or incomplete. You can also request that your information is not processed or used for information. As a policy, we delete all personal information 24 months after you last used our services. Use of services includes the use of features on the site as well as an active click on one of our send-outs.
You are responsible for updating your information through our Website, in order to fulfill our commitments. GISASS is not responsible for any consequences that may be derived from invalid customer information such as incorrect delivery address, phone number or e-mail address. If you have questions about how we treat personal information, please contact our customer service by e-mail okadmissionindia@gmail.com .